a collection of historic images of the englander building, goldberger dolls, the printhouse

—Stewart Avenue—
totally someone else's photo of the Pelle buidling, with EEGEE dolls in the background
former Varick frieght yards on the left,

thanks historical aerials.com, arrt's archives, LIRR history, forgotten ny, walter grutchfeild, don jenson, NYC Municipal Archives, and more, these images were found using search terms on the internet, or photographed public documents, copywrite materials retain watermarks

—The Peele Elevator Door Company—

This drawing featured in a collector's magazine — the Doll News writer Don Jenson wrote an article "GOLDBERGER: a Pioneer Doll Maker Lives On"

This is a fanciful sign advertising design based on the remnants of the Englander wall dog. The image shows details which are long gone, the glass basements and even the window above the garage, and the water towers are exactly where they would have been. Even though the type is made up, the rest of the building details are precise, very accurate and informative. Look at the door on stewart avenue, see the window in the door?

There is no evidence this design was realized, the Goldberger/EEGEE signs were painted in other places.

Raw brick and walldog signs on the Stewart Avenue Facade, Granite sills? Lintels intact 

Johnson facade westernmost pinnacle facing Varick 

as the Goldberger Doll factory, on the far right

as the Englander building, on the right

1940s tax photo showing 538 Johnson in the background

1940s tax photo, looking west on Johnson Avenue,  with 538 Johnson in the background
1940s tax photo, showing Stewart Avenue side of 538 Johnson.
The conical structure on the left side roof is probably a dust collector 

1940 538 Johnson Ave


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